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“And Peter . . . walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid.”


I’m sitting at my desk, waiting for the coffee to stop brewing, pondering these verses. I’m waiting for some sort of light to go on in my head and a voice to speak in my ear.  





Mornings are best. Coffee is nice. The house is quiet. I’ve finished reading Oswald Chamber’s meditation for today. Friday, June 18, 2010. It is 5:41 AM and I think I’ll pour myself a cup of Folgers – Classic Roast.  


5:44 AM Back with a cup. Actually, like in many motel and hotels, presumable, my tiny Mr. Coffee is sitting on the wash basin in the bathroom. For convenience sake, of course. But, I’m digressing.   


Is digressing demonic? I have to blame someone. Maybe it’s just the way my idiosyncratic mind works.    


So, Peter walked on the water when he recognized Him. How do I do that today? Recognize my Savior? Or maybe I should recognize Him as Friend first. Then, when fear overcomes me He can save me. Isn’t that what typically happens?     

We see Jesus so we go to Him. Not, apparently aware of the circumstances, we go. Isn’t there something magnetic about Jesus, God with us? Isn’t that why we go to Him? He is attractive. We’re naturally drawn to that kind of man. But, the Son of God must have a greater degree of magnetism. Call it what you’d like? When we recognize Jesus Christ, we’re attracted to Him. Isn’t that what happened time and time again as He walked the roads of the Holy Land?     

So Peter recognized Jesus, but something happened. What happened? A distraction. Think of it, as I’m sure many of you have. This is a memorable story. Peter was in the realm of the miraculous, the supernatural; he was waking on water. Peter apparently disregarded gravity. And then, he was distracted by his surroundings. Isn’t that how things go?     

We’re focused on the Lord and then we hear something so we get up to se what it is. Just the cat. We think we see something in the dark before dawn. But, no, it was only a ghost. That happens a lot in my house. Or we sniff something. The coffee pot left on too long with too little coffee in it. You probably know that odor. Or, maybe you forgot to flush the commode and left the lid up. You have a wife; she needs the lid down.     

And that’s how it goes. The world thunders in and Jesus is left with an empty coffee cup. He quietly leaves your space to chat with another distracted person. Did you grieve Him?     

Note: I realize the story in Matthew went in another direction, perhaps, I’ll pick that thread up in the next blog post. Nevertheless, I wish you a Godsend of a day; we know every day is a Godsend. He is here with us as we blog and Facebook and network and Twitter and, etc. I hope you’ve invited Him to hang with you.