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Going to “church,” especially looking forward to getting with guys who presumably love the Lord should not be just another trip into mediocrity. But, that’s the phrase that comes up from my subterranean soul.

Let me tell you a typical story that happens in an over-churched city. I won’t mention the name of this West Texas “metropolis.”

Here goes: I have been surfing the net to find a Christian Men’s group. So, I prayed & clicked Google. Interestingly enough, I found several Men’s Life Groups nearby. So, I phoned one up this afternoon and got a bite. The first lady I talked to was a bit foggy about the Men’s Group. So, she handed off her phone to another associate. This second lady gave me a thumbs up. So , I was set. To make a longer story into a saga is noy my intention, not, at least, in this first blog post. But I’m digressing.

I arrived several minutes early. The target time was 7:30 p.m. The target place was a sunday school room designated C – 129.  The door was locked; the lights were off. So I waited. I bet you’re anticipating a predictable typical anti-climatic end of the plot. 7:30 p.m came & went; I was the only one who showed.

When I got home I double checked the details of the meeting on the Big City Baptist Church’s web site and sure enough I was right. Of course, I was given a green light from the church office lady  earlier this afternnon. But now, I felt deflated.

Earlier, I felt  positive that I would meet with some rugged men of God, but that was not to be. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ranting: I’m not blaming. It was just one of those classic communication breakdowns.

I’m just a little disappointed at taking yet another wrong turn that led me head on into a brick wall.  Big City churches, many times, crucify the mighty & marvelous as they slip into the mindlessness.