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I just returned from Hastings, where I bought Bill Johnson’s book, “Dreaming with God.” The cashier, a young man, in his early twenties, noticed my “witness” T-shirt: “body piercing…” He noticed it and, I think, he asked 2 see the back; I turned around & he read the boldfaced words: “saved my life.” The words are on a crown of thorns & one big nail.

What’s my point?

 I’ve not been trying to get His message to sinners for some time now. I’m 56 years old and returning to faith.

So, today’s contact with a young man and my sharing it with u is like a testimony of an old guy learning to be obedient once again.

When I read Brother David‘s last blog entry, I felt God‘s Spirit bearing witness with my spirit. The reason I am testifying about the unction in me is because I’m beating a stake in the ground, so to speak, to let Satan know where I stand.
There is power in the name of Jesus; there’s power in the blood of Christ; there’s power in declaring what God has done IN you; and there is a release in warfare prayer once u tell it.

Click the following link to read Brother David’s last blog post: “When all means fail.”

This is part of yesterday’s reading of Oswald Chambers: “As long as you have a personal interest in your own character, or any set ambition, you cannot get through into identification with God’s interests. You can only get there by losing for ever any idea of yourself and by letting God take you right out into His purpose for the world, and because your goings are of the Lord, you can never understand your ways.”

So, virtually all of my life, in America, I’ve been taught to consider my interests. Consider your character, Rick. It’s important what others think about you. Straighten your tie; you look like a loser. Set your ambitions high. The important thing is personal success. A man’s got to do what a mans’ got to do.

Sound familiar?


While I wait for the morning newspaper, I ponder the maxim: Stay where you are planted. So, I created this blog in hopes of metaphorically, being “on the road” again. But there is  more for me to  think about as well as pray about. I think I should just wait it out.

That doesn’t mean I won’t tweak my vita. That doesn’t mean I won’t post my resume in strategic databases. That doesn’t mean I won’t apply for certain teaching positions, even if there are no current openings. I full well will plant some seeds and nurture them.

But, there is some unfinished work here. And so, I need to let the plant grow and mature and then, be harvested, so to speak.

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“Moses went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens.” Exodus 2:11

Moses saw the oppression of his people and felt certain that he was the one to deliver them, and in the righteous indignation of his own spirit he started to right their wrongs. After the first strike for God and for the right, God allowed Moses to be driven into blank discouragement, He sent him into the desert to feed sheep for forty years. At the end of that time, God appeared and told Moses to go and bring forth His people, and Moses said – “Who am I, that I should go?” In the beginning Moses realized that he was the man to deliver the people, but he had to be trained and disciplined by God first. He was right in the individual aspect, but he was not the man for the work until he had learned communion with God.

We may have the vision of God and a very clear understanding of what God wants, and we start to do the thing, then comes something equivalent to the forty years in the wilderness, as if God had ignored the whole thing, and when we are thoroughly discouraged God comes back and revives the call, and we get the quaver in and say – “Oh, who am I?” We have to learn the first great stride of God – “I AM THAT I AM hath sent thee.” We have to learn that our individual effort for God is an impertinence; our individuality is to be rendered incandescent by a personal relationship to God (see Matthew 3:17). We fix on the individual aspect of things; we have the vision – “This is what God wants me to do;” but we have not got into God’s stride. If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a big personal enlargement ahead.

David Good explains: “Much like Moses, God wants to interrupt your daily routine and give you a supernatural encounter with Him that will change everything. Whatever failures, unrealized dreams or forgotten promises you have in your past, God wants to stop you in your tracks and bring you to the place where He sets the course for your life and shows you a supernatural destiny He birthed you for. The key is that you have to look for it. As it did for Moses, the interruption comes while we are in the desert place, a place of frustration, or when we have given up on what once was. These moments are ripe for a a visitation. Second, you have to stop what you are doing and turn towards the interruption to hear Him speak to you. Had Moses not turned away from his routine for a moment and moved toward the burning bush, he might have missed that divine moment.”

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to you that I don’t know. Regardless, I’m thinking that He wants your special attention & when he doesn’t get it He may close a door or shut a window or bar the way, just so that you can focus on Him. Does that make sense?  to day stupid like isn’t jealousy a sin so how can God be jealous. And I would have benightedlyThis sounds like a cliché. Sometimes God has to knock the props out from under us. So that we’ll cling to Him. Sometimes we seek fellowship from others and forget that God is a jealous I‘m not sure what that means. . You might say something


Let me share a story with you. Now I don’t remember the entire plot nor any conversation that preceded the climatic moment. So I intend to reconstruct what might have happened. It’s an archetypical story, so you can probably connect with it.   

I call this tale: The Catch of the Day. I imagine my dad coming to me and saying that we’re going fishing. And, I know that I wasn’t always hot on fishing, at least as a boy. But I went because Dad was the boss. I think that God works the way my dad worked on that day.   

I probably had another agenda, but Dad being my father had the plan. He was the man. And his plan took precedence over my agenda. Can you see where this is heading? Perhaps my dad was jealous, but I doubt it. He just wanted his son to go fishing with him. We know, though, that God is a jealous God. What do you think that means? But, I digress. I’m getting ahead of myself.   

I imagine my dad giving me some time, so he probably went to the coffee urn for a refill. He sat down at the kitchen table to wait. The thing is: God is on the move & like my dad He plans to still go fishing, whether you or I go is secondary. Is that hard core fatherhood. Maybe it‘s tough love. Maybe, we, as his sons, just need to get with His program?. Nevertheless, God is good.. Right? He won’t force us.   

And so I eventually stopped & sat down with my dad and acquiesced and said yes. So we went to one of our fishing holes. And I snagged the biggest fish I can ever remember catching – a black drum. Interestingly, even though I snagged the drum, my dad had to reel him in. How gracious was that?