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The popular phrase, “it’s all good,” may express a PMA for some innocent soul, but it is rhetoric from Hell. It maybe a PMA for the folks following Norman Vincent Peale, etc. But those following the Christ should know better. Right? Be wise as a serpent, but harmless as doves. What does God say? Re-read Romans 3:10 for His answer.


The sentence that snagged me is: “And I knew he was very troubled by his inner world erupting into ordinary reality. One of the first things he said was, “Can you heal me?” Traditional Protestant doctrine might eschew some of Whiteagle’s wisdom, yet I find myself drawn closer to my own need of healing in areas that my evil twin has run rough-shod over.

The Evil Twin I met the Otter on the beach. He didn’t talk much, just joined my group doing the Cherokee Dance of Life. It was spontaneous. Hottest day in Seattle on record for May and there were lots of young people on the beach that day. Most were from the Reservation or had Native Blood and they were fascinated by the old white man in the “Running Strong for Native American Youth” tee-shirt doing what seemed to be Tai Chi. When they discovered it was a Cher … Read More

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to you that I don’t know. Regardless, I’m thinking that He wants your special attention & when he doesn’t get it He may close a door or shut a window or bar the way, just so that you can focus on Him. Does that make sense?  to day stupid like isn’t jealousy a sin so how can God be jealous. And I would have benightedlyThis sounds like a cliché. Sometimes God has to knock the props out from under us. So that we’ll cling to Him. Sometimes we seek fellowship from others and forget that God is a jealous I‘m not sure what that means. . You might say something


Let me share a story with you. Now I don’t remember the entire plot nor any conversation that preceded the climatic moment. So I intend to reconstruct what might have happened. It’s an archetypical story, so you can probably connect with it.   

I call this tale: The Catch of the Day. I imagine my dad coming to me and saying that we’re going fishing. And, I know that I wasn’t always hot on fishing, at least as a boy. But I went because Dad was the boss. I think that God works the way my dad worked on that day.   

I probably had another agenda, but Dad being my father had the plan. He was the man. And his plan took precedence over my agenda. Can you see where this is heading? Perhaps my dad was jealous, but I doubt it. He just wanted his son to go fishing with him. We know, though, that God is a jealous God. What do you think that means? But, I digress. I’m getting ahead of myself.   

I imagine my dad giving me some time, so he probably went to the coffee urn for a refill. He sat down at the kitchen table to wait. The thing is: God is on the move & like my dad He plans to still go fishing, whether you or I go is secondary. Is that hard core fatherhood. Maybe it‘s tough love. Maybe, we, as his sons, just need to get with His program?. Nevertheless, God is good.. Right? He won’t force us.   

And so I eventually stopped & sat down with my dad and acquiesced and said yes. So we went to one of our fishing holes. And I snagged the biggest fish I can ever remember catching – a black drum. Interestingly, even though I snagged the drum, my dad had to reel him in. How gracious was that?   


Going to “church,” especially looking forward to getting with guys who presumably love the Lord should not be just another trip into mediocrity. But, that’s the phrase that comes up from my subterranean soul.

Let me tell you a typical story that happens in an over-churched city. I won’t mention the name of this West Texas “metropolis.”

Here goes: I have been surfing the net to find a Christian Men’s group. So, I prayed & clicked Google. Interestingly enough, I found several Men’s Life Groups nearby. So, I phoned one up this afternoon and got a bite. The first lady I talked to was a bit foggy about the Men’s Group. So, she handed off her phone to another associate. This second lady gave me a thumbs up. So , I was set. To make a longer story into a saga is noy my intention, not, at least, in this first blog post. But I’m digressing.

I arrived several minutes early. The target time was 7:30 p.m. The target place was a sunday school room designated C – 129.  The door was locked; the lights were off. So I waited. I bet you’re anticipating a predictable typical anti-climatic end of the plot. 7:30 p.m came & went; I was the only one who showed.

When I got home I double checked the details of the meeting on the Big City Baptist Church’s web site and sure enough I was right. Of course, I was given a green light from the church office lady  earlier this afternnon. But now, I felt deflated.

Earlier, I felt  positive that I would meet with some rugged men of God, but that was not to be. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ranting: I’m not blaming. It was just one of those classic communication breakdowns.

I’m just a little disappointed at taking yet another wrong turn that led me head on into a brick wall.  Big City churches, many times, crucify the mighty & marvelous as they slip into the mindlessness.