We must be still before God. The life around us, in this age, is pre‑eminently one of rush and effort. It is the age of the express‑train and electric telegraph. Years are crowded into months, and weeks into days. This feverish haste threatens the religious life. The stream has already entered our churches, and stirred their quiet pools. Meetings crowd on meetings. The same energetic souls are found at them all, and engaged in many good works beside. But we must beware that we do not substitute the active for the contemplative, the valley for the mountain‑top. Neither can with safety be divorced from the other. The sheep must go in and out. The blood must come back to the heart to be re‑charged, and fitted to be impelled again to the extremities.

We must make time to be alone with God. The closet and the shut door are indispensable. 

Of course, really, we’re 5 days into 2017; I hope I’m not too late….regardless, I  move ahead, I hope you do too. I like Paul’s words: forgetting those things behind us; reaching forth to the future; gauging our “progress” by that high standard.

The one “thing” I want to share with you this morning: look for those divine appointments He has for you; hear Him; get out of the religion rut & daily pursue Christ.

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True Friends

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Christianity

"It's not rocket science!"

1. A friend is someone who is honest with you.
2. A friend is someone you can trust; he would never rat you out.
3. A friend is someone who will sympathize with you.
4. A friend is someone who has empathy for you.
5. A friend is someone who understands you.
6, A friend is someone who has compassion for you.
7. A friend is someone who is altruistic.
8. A friend is someone who sticks closer to you than a brother-in-law.
9. A friend is someone who wouldn’t judge you.
10. A friend is someone who talks with you.
11. A true friend would never betray you as a Judas would.
12. A true friend comes to you with open arms; a Judas-friend keeps you at arms length.
13. Sometimes Judas quietly mouths the word “friend,” to you, although no one else hears it.
14. Sometimes the Judas…

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Update Your Greek

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Christianity

Getting alone with Him daily begins the abandonment process; surrendering to Him daily enables you to maintain abandonment. public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-shoes-walking-feet-grey-gravel-1000x666

Good morning Father; Welcome Holy Spirit; I love You Jesus!

Sitting before You; waiting for You; Being quiet.

With You, options are open; in this present quiet, anything is possible. [Because] with You “all things are possible.”

(of course, there are always busyness tasks that may be done, but with You the sky’s the limit….

“The sky’s the limit.

Inf. there is no upper limit. I can afford it. The sky’s the limit. You can do anything you set your mind to, Billy. The sky’s the limit.

See also: limit”

“the sky’s the limit.” McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. 2002. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 1 Jul. 2016http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/the+sky%27s+the+limit

From <http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/_/cite.aspx?url=http%3A%2F%2Fidioms.thefreedictionary.com%2Fthe%2Bsky%2527s%2Bthe%2Blimit&word=the%20sky%27s%20the%20limit&sources=MGH_Idi,IdiA,IdiI>

Also refer to :http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/skys-the-limit.html

So much for trivia [lexicography] Father; You’re really the focus of today’s “prayer.”  It’s just that as i wait here before You; I have at my finger tips on a keyboard…of course, You know what this means…You’re omniscient. 🙂

Waiting, single-mindedly, is an impossibility with me, but, with YOU all things are possible!. Thanks!



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