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Many times we expect God to coddle us in a specific way, but He declines. We imagine God to be a “good” doctor who setting us down, gives us a cherry sucker, then, explains out medical options. “Should I give you a free tonsillectomy with your special insurance plan, plus, throw in 1 lobotomy. Or, would you prefer to pay for your pain.”

Regardless, God declines: He may or may not audibly answer you. He may expect you to use your “renewed mind.” Maybe He told you, but you forgot. Maybe you made out His still, small voice: “Trust Me.”

The popular phrase, “it’s all good,” may express a PMA for some innocent soul, but it is rhetoric from Hell. It maybe a PMA for the folks following Norman Vincent Peale, etc. But those following the Christ should know better. Right? Be wise as a serpent, but harmless as doves. What does God say? Re-read Romans 3:10 for His answer.


Mind's Seat

Today, the Holy Spirit moved in my heart to share my thoughts about The Cross – A Message to America.

The Cross does contain an offensive message, but it offends as it calls us to a life of love and hope, that all the riches of the world cannot offer. I saw a wealthy man cry because he felt so poor in his soul.  He had every material thing he could ever want – houses, jewelry, a luxury yacht and the lust of many women. He turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the agonizing pain in his soul. He lost all of his wealth to the personal hell of his addictions, dealing with drug pushers to get his next fix.

The tavern ministry team I was on accompanied him to our church at the time, which was The Salvation Army North York Temple. We led him in the…

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The basics about the deeper life in Christ.


Hearing God’s voice seems harder than I thought. I’ve read that he has a “still small voice” and I’m convinced that it is a very quiet one. I think I may need to get my hearing checked. What do u think?

How do you hear Him?

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