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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABill Johnson- The War in Your Head:

Hearing God’s voice seems harder than I thought. I’ve read that he has a “still small voice” and I’m convinced that it is a very quiet one. I think I may need to get my hearing checked. What do u think?

How do you hear Him?

Please comment + take the poll, please.

“All that the father gives to me will come to me….” I am coming Lord; I have shown up….
“be still and know that I am [who I am]…”

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listen to Bill Johnson’s mini sermon, I did. once I did I had to look backwards through my life; which I did I didn’t find a whole lot….history with God. there was the usual Church attendance, Sunday school, Christian college, etc. a lot of paychecks for selling stuff, teaching students, and back to stocking shelves. in some a lot of Labor work before that education
In summation, a lot of Education & a lot of work.
by the way I do have several degrees
and a lot of head knowledge about God. and here’s the kicker: I don’t really regarding him as a close friend.
but that is changing… \o/

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