Ward v. Santa Fe Independent School District: A Plaintiff’s Ethnography of First Amendment Litigation

Posted: October 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


Readers may remember that a while back, I published a testimony of sorts, entitled My Fight With God.In that post, readers may also remember mention of a fellow by the name of Bob. Here is a excerpt from that post about Bob:

The first came when I was still with Wal Mart serving in management. At this time I was the overnight manager for a very large, brand new Supercenter. One of the folks on my crew was a man named Bob. Bob was a devout Christian man with quite a story. Bob’s daughter had been the center of a rather prominent court case concerning her right to pray over the intercom during school football games. It was quite a notable case at the time. At any rate, Bob became my friend. I was loud; I was profane; I was heathen to the very core of my being. Nonetheless…

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