Faith and Floating on Water

Posted: September 6, 2012 in anger management, Christianity, Discipleship, God Journey

This summer we spent regular time in the pool @ the neighborhood YMCA. We took two classes, back to back: water tone up, then, water aerobics. I’ve maintained a healthy water phobia through the years.

You’d think that by the age of 58 that water wouldn’t be so daunting — we drink it, we freeze it into ice cubes, put it into a glass of water, etc. We bath in it, take showers, etc. You get the picture? Regardless, I rarely go into the deep end of the pool.

But this summer I did my water warm-ups & water aerobics at the farthest end of the shallow section of the pool, the line where swimmers begin to float. At that line I face the deep end tempted to push off, turn over on my back and effortless float. I actually, with the ai of my lifeguard wife, floated on my back in the shallow section.

There was no real trick to floating in the shallow section; I knew I could touch the bottom with my feet. I knew I didn’t really need to trust the water; I had my sea-legs. J But, I believe like trusting an invisible God, the true floater must trust himself to the supernatural buoyancy of the water, in the deep end.

I finally understood the concept of relaxing, then, floating — just letting the water hold you up. The rule: Don’t panic. But my phobia was greater than my faith.

I tried to make a correlation between my phobia & faith in the Almighty. I believe that “God doesn’t give a spirit of fear….” But, somehow, I just wasn’t able to take the plunge into the deep. And so I think that there is a lesson here.

Please feel free to comment, share, explain, annotate, etc.


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