The Evil Twin (via Ancient Whiteagle Wisdom)

Posted: December 8, 2010 in anger management, Christianity, God Journey
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The sentence that snagged me is: “And I knew he was very troubled by his inner world erupting into ordinary reality. One of the first things he said was, “Can you heal me?” Traditional Protestant doctrine might eschew some of Whiteagle’s wisdom, yet I find myself drawn closer to my own need of healing in areas that my evil twin has run rough-shod over.

The Evil Twin I met the Otter on the beach. He didn’t talk much, just joined my group doing the Cherokee Dance of Life. It was spontaneous. Hottest day in Seattle on record for May and there were lots of young people on the beach that day. Most were from the Reservation or had Native Blood and they were fascinated by the old white man in the “Running Strong for Native American Youth” tee-shirt doing what seemed to be Tai Chi. When they discovered it was a Cher … Read More

via Ancient Whiteagle Wisdom


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